How do solenoid valves and AirBoard™ match ? What exactly is an AirBoard™ ? And what do we mean by integration of technologies ? Discover the Kuhnke Plug-and-Play fluid handling !

New robust control terminals

KUHNKE extended its automation platform Arriva by new and highly robust control terminals for mobile applications. The new Arriva 8” Touch Panel PCs provide touch functionality in combination with an enclosure offering IP65 protection.

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Bus terminal technology

With exactly your specific features?
Not easy, especially if you need to fit more functionality in your machine with less space and at lower cost. We have the solution!
Assure yourself and ask for your optional module.

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Since 1960, KUHNKE distributes solenoid valves developed and manufactured by the company itself. Today, KUHNKE develops modern solenoid valve solutions, relying on many years of experience as a manufacturer of solenoid valves.

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